Super 10 Weekend Plan

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The Super 10 odds plan is suitable for the busy clients that does not have time for mid-week games.  This is just 10 odds game for the weekend. It consists of accumulators of the safest best weekend game from Friday to Sunday.

Your subscription to this plan enable you access to view super 10 odds for two (2) weeks. Game usually start on Friday and run through till Sunday.

It cost N2500 ($25) per 1 Month

*Benefits of 10 odds Membership*

  • Access to 10 odds winning Strategy.
  • Steady winning ratio.

Things you can take to banks about us

Accurate Tips

We daily supply our clients with 85%-90% accurate predictions that guarantee them regular profit on there various investment 

Expert Punters Guide

Experts analyst have great strategies and professional betting system that guide our customers to making regular profits on investment

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Our customer care center is ever ready and fully responsive to address any needs or issues as the case may be. you are just a call away from the help.


All our subscription plans come with money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied, but surely you will never be disappointed.